Vodovod Osijek: New design and features for a better user experience

Ira Mataić / 05 Apr 2024
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Crisp design and new functionalities for user benefit

Vodovod Osijek the primary provider of water supply and drainage services in the Osijek area.

In the fast-paced digital era, constant improvement and digital transformation of services pose a challenge, even for established companies.

By embracing modern UI/UX design principles and introducing practical functionalities, users can access water utility services simpler and more user-friendly.

Company in charge of their current development

For nearly six decades, Vodovod Osijek has been the main supplier for the Osijek area, through the city’s waterway history dates back to the Roman era.

Throughout its history, they have consistently tapped into the endless wellspring of improvement and innovation.

To enhance user experience of water utility service while streamlining their own processes, they have invested in a redesign and optimization of the Vodovod website and app Moj Vodovod.


Fast flow of information: Better service through digitalization

Imagine being responsible for providing clean and safe drinking water to thousands of people.

Faced with countless queries, requests, malfunction reports, and crucial daily tasks, how can you ensure timely, high-quality services for everyone?

An unoptimized website with poor navigation, cumbersome printed request forms, and a lack of helpful features can ruin the user experience and complicate daily operations.

To streamline the flow of information and enhance service delivery, Vodovod Osijek has opted for a fresh new design and a suite of functionalities integrated with their ERP system.


Function by function, digitalization

Attentively listening to and understanding our clients' needs, we've crafted a clean and modern design, enhanced the functionalities of the Moj Vodovod app, and streamlined customer management.

With the introduction of new features, we've provided users with various new possibilities. Now, customers can easily review their annual water consumption, request services through completely digital forms, and attach images when reporting issues.

Moreover, Vodovod Osijek can now more efficiently manage user data directly within their ERP system, leading to optimized business operations.

A user worthy experience


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