How AI CRM can improve business

Ira Mataić / 11 Apr 2024
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As technology evolves, we develop better ways to effectively address challenges.

The latest achievement of this evolution is artificial intelligence or AI. And it is used to address all sorts of challenges in various industries.

Customer relationship management or CRM is integral to the sales process, so it was just a matter of time until AI becomes a part of it.

AI powered CRM is a powerful tool for business.

It helps companies better understand user needs and user behavior, offering them personalized products and services.

With more and more data collected by CRM software, AI is becoming integral.

Increasing productivity, efficiency, and strengthening customer relationships are becoming easier with AI assisted CRM tools.

What is CRM artificial intelligence?

Today, AI based and AI powered CRM software are making a big impact in the market.

CRM systems collect important company and customer information, while AI helps better manage collected data, provides useful insights, and performing tasks automatically.

AI CRM combines machine learning with CRM software to help companies analyze data, predict trends, and personalize interactions.

It helps focus on the most important leads, predict sales, or create chatbots to help customers.

According to 51% of sales leaders, AI is already transformational and necessary in their CRM strategy. (Zipdo)

How does AI work in CRM?

In customer relationship management, AI uses technology such as machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to keep things running smoothly.

It digs through tons of data, finding and predicting important information, like whether a prospect will become a customer.

AI powered chatbots can help users around the clock, while natural language processing helps understand customers based on what they say.

Salespeople can even ask AI for advice on how best to reach potential customers, saving them time researching things such as LinkedIn profiles.

Around 79% of businesses report that implementing a conversational marketing bot has yielded favorable customer loyalty, sales, and revenue outcomes. (MarketSplash)

Benefits of AI CRM

Artificial intelligence in customer relationship management brings a lot of benefits:

Effective data management

It helps interpret data from digital sources, making it easier to manage customers.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

By offering quality service and personalized experiences, it boosts customer satisfaction.

Optimized sales strategy

It analyzes data to create accurate customer profiles, leading to more sales opportunities.

Better application development

Its insights help create user-friendly apps that improve customer experiences and boost sales.

Automated routine tasks

It handles repetitive tasks so staff can focus on more important work.

Predictive analytics

It predicts sales trends, helping businesses plan.

24/7 customer support

AI chatbots provide instant help whenever customers need it, improving customer experience.

Enhanced lead scoring

It helps prioritize potential customers based on their likelihood to buy, making sales efforts more effective.

Best Ways Companies Use AI to Enhance Their CRMs

Companies are using AI to make their CRM systems function even better. AI also helps automate tasks, direct salespeople, spot trends, and make the entire organization more efficient.

Understanding emotions

Tools like Cogit listen to how people talk during calls to better understand how they feel.

This helps agents have better conversations with callers.

Analyzing sales calls

Software like Chorus listens to sales calls, takes notes, and finds important pieces that help sales teams spot trends and make better use of CRM data. It also enables comparisons with historical data.

Best email tool

Tools like Conversica help by sending follow-up emails, prospecting, and gathering important information.

They work seamlessly with many CRMs, making it easy to manage email and customer relationships.

Suggesting the best response

Apps like and Digital Genius study customer queries, suggest answers, and predict what might happen next.

They are integrated with CRM systems to provide better support and help resolve issues faster.

Shipping process

With AI, you can smoothly control the shipment process.

It finds the best shipping routes using current information, predicts problems, and automatically sends updated information to customers about their orders.

Automatic payments

It helps handle payments by creating personalized messages for each transaction or customer. It can send friendly reminders for late payments without you having to write them.


Whether or not you need an AI CRM depends on your business needs, and if you're already using CRM tools, adding AI could improve your operations.

When deciding if you need AI CRM, keep in mind, the more customer data you collect, the more useful and necessary AI becomes to keep up.